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When treating a cavity, Dr. Parker will remove the decayed portion of your tooth and fill it with another substance. This procedure is called a filling. There are multiple options for the material to be used in the filling, the most common of which are composites and amalgam fillings.

Amalgam fillings material is a mixture of metals also known as “silver fillings” because of the silver-like appearance. Dental amalgam fillings are strong and long-lasting and are less likely to break than some other types.

Composite fillings are known as tooth colored fillings, since the material used in the filling can be closely matched to the color of the teeth. Composite fillings provide good durability for small to medium cavities and are well suited for treating front or highly visible teeth because of their natural look.

After Dr. Parker numbs the area (not always necessary) where the filling is to be placed, he will remove any decayed portions. A substance is then applied to help open the pores of your teeth for a stronger bond and hardened and cured with a special light. Once this is complete, the filling is applied in thin layers to slowly form the complete filling. After it has hardened, the filling will be smoothened and polished to comfortable and fit your bite.

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