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Welcome to Monumental Dental!

Welcome to the Monumental Dental Dentistry Office. We are a full service, comprehensive, dental office offering comfortable, quality family dentistry in Grand Junction, Colorado. We have been providing local families with the best dentistry possible for over ten years.

Dental Services

Dental Cleaning

Routine dental cleanings are important to maintaining good oral hygiene. Professional cleaning by our...

Dental Exams and X-Rays

Routine dental exams are important to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Additionally, routine dental...


When treating a cavity, Dr. Parker will remove the decayed portion of your tooth and fill it with another...


Compared to fillings which just cover a small portion of the tooth, a crown (or cap) encases the entire...

Teeth Whitening

Teeth can discolor through the years as enamel wears down. The wearing down of enamel allows dentin...

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers are a thin custom made shell that covers the front surface of your tooth to improve...


A dental extraction is the procedure to remove a tooth from your mouth. A dental extraction is most...

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is treatment used to repair and save a tooth that has been infected due to a deep...

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We eliminate the inconvenience of multiple visits

We want our patients to be informed about dental problems and treatments, because informed patients make better decisions about their health and well-being. You'll find extensive information on topics of cosmetic dentistry, veneers, dentures, crowns, and whitening, as well as our other dental services. You'll find what you need here.

On this website is also information including our location, directions, hours, and insurance policies. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have or to make an appointment.

What Our Clients Say

  • Kayla Mortensen Avatar
    Kayla Mortensen

    Best dental service ever!! Staff is super nice and they even remembered my families names and some things that they had talked about

  • dean mestas Avatar
    dean mestas

    Monumental Dental has a very professional and courteous staff. It's hard to imagine liking having to go see a Dentist for dental work or a checkup but I do enjoy my time while being there. Dr. Parker is extremely personable,... read more

  • Chef Rockslide Avatar
    Chef Rockslide

    My visit at Monumental Dental exceeded my expectations . Dr Trey and his staff were very comforting and very informative.

    They also squeezed an appointment in early to accommodate taking care of a very painful tooth , which was the... read more

  • Floyd Cox Avatar
    Floyd Cox

    I took my wife and three kids to their dentist appointment, and while I was waiting the receptionist Robin, asked "if I would like to get my teeth cleaned as well while I waited"? my insurance covers teeth cleaning, and... read more

  • Andrea Kinterknecht Avatar
    Andrea Kinterknecht

    Robin at the front desk, Tanya the dentil assistant and Dr. Parker all gave me exceptional care. Went in with a bad toothache and came out feeling great after a painless root canal. Highly recommended! So friendly and caring

  • Matt Fowler Avatar
    Matt Fowler

    Dr.Parker is the best! Always a pleasure to go to my appointment. I used to hate the dentist but both Dr.Parker and his hygienists are top notch!

  • Misty Spencer Avatar
    Misty Spencer

    Dr. Parker and all his staff have been amazing. Honestly the best experience ever with a dental office. Robin at the front desk is so kind and really goes above and beyond to not only make you feel welcome but... read more

  • Laura Bennett Avatar
    Laura Bennett

    Dr Parker is the BEST! He’s very easy to talk too & has an awesome chair side manner.

  • George Knight Avatar
    George Knight

    I enjoyed the very friendly and professional attention. I had a tooth problem that popped up unexpectedly and I was taken and cared for the same day. I very much appreciated the kind care

  • Krissy Rafidi Avatar
    Krissy Rafidi

    Dr. Parker is the best! I’m one of those people who doesn’t like going to the dentist! But Dr. Parker did my root canal and it was painless! Seriously, I can not say enough good things about him and his team!!!

  • Nat Bertrami Avatar
    Nat Bertrami

    Was Previously with Wood Dental over the last 10 years. The transition to Dr. Trey Parker who displays and overall knowledge and thoughtful concern regarding the dental health for his patients has produced a confidence and a... read more

  • Curt Wingert Avatar
    Curt Wingert

    I lost a tooth and haven’t been to a dentist in years. They made an appointment quickly and when I arrived they thoroughly explained each option to fix my missing tooth. I chose a crown. The technology they used in... read more

  • Michelle LeBas Avatar
    Michelle LeBas

    I had an excellent experience at Monumental Dental. I went in for a consult on a darkening root canaled tooth and the doctor was able to make a crown same day. The crown looks completely natural and the color matches... read more

  • Sheridan Golden Avatar
    Sheridan Golden

    Was great from the start! Terrie was very nice and made sure I had everything! Dr. Parker was very nice and made sure I was taken care of before I left!

  • Tyler Skeen Avatar
    Tyler Skeen

    Dr. Parker is fantastic! I came in with a chipped tooth and the care and dedication he took to fix it was truly a blessing. I hate going to the dentist and he made the visit a nice... read more

  • Nathaniel Morgan Avatar
    Nathaniel Morgan

    I might be somewhat biased but it's obvious that Dr. Parker and all of the staff at Monumental Dental actually care about everyone who comes here, not just as patients but as people. Monumental Dental is as good as... read more

  • Lindsay Holmes Avatar
    Lindsay Holmes

    I was blown away when Dr Parker's team told me the tooth that broke off three days ago would be fitted with a permanent crown that day. Sure enough, after the initial examination, I walked out of their office a... read more

  • Tyler Skeen Avatar
    Tyler Skeen

    Dr. Parker is fantastic! I came in with a chipped tooth and the care and dedication he took to fix it was truly a blessing. I hate going to the dentist and he made the visit a nice... read more

  • Carissa Haro Avatar
    Carissa Haro

    So glad I found this gem. From reception to all of my dental care and all the way to billing. Everyone was clear, helpful and kind. Dr. Parker is amazing and cares about his clients. Only regret is that I... read more

  • Colton Ricks Avatar
    Colton Ricks

    Dr. Parker is super awesome! His team is very caring and pay attention to detail when it comes to your teeth. If you are working for a dentist, this is your place!

  • Raquel Guidi Avatar
    Raquel Guidi

    My visit to Monumental Dental was positive. Dr. Parker put my mind at ease, and I find him and his staff efficient. They are friendly and caring. The hygienist does a great job. Dr. Parker is gentle and explains procedures.... read more

  • Leah Burritt Avatar
    Leah Burritt

    Dr. Parker is very professional and nice. He truely just wants you to have your best smile! So glad I found him.

  • Kris Johnson Avatar
    Kris Johnson

    Dr. Parker is very gentle and informative. The girls assisting him we're just as good as he was. I had to have a painful procedure and they all were kind and as gentle as they could be. I have been... read more

  • Anne Hiller Avatar
    Anne Hiller

    I have been seeing Dr. Trey and his staff bi-annually since moving to Colorado. I went to the same dentist for 25+ years back home and was hopeful to find a similar dental office in town with my same... read more

  • Merrideth Sieckert Avatar
    Merrideth Sieckert

    Dr. Parker and his team are AMAZING! They make me feel safe, comforted and well cared for when I'm actually feeling nervous and scared for my procedure. Thank you so MUCH! I recommend you to everyone I talk to!

  • Tawnya Kowitz Avatar
    Tawnya Kowitz

    Monumental Dental is a very pleasant dental office. I have nothing negative to post. I give them 5 out 5 stars. Thank you Monumental Dental for your caring professionalism!!

  • Carol Gallagher Avatar
    Carol Gallagher

    Dr Parker did an awesome job on my sons tooth. Dr Parker took the time to come out in the waiting room and meet my son. Robin was patient and kind taking time to look up our new insurance.... read more

  • Cheyenne Winfrey Avatar
    Cheyenne Winfrey

    Dr. Parker and his staff are very welcoming and VERY helpful, I ended up needing to get a deep cleaning due to an infection in my gums that was causing VERY Severe pain and Him and his assistant made me... read more

  • Michael Kallmeyer Avatar
    Michael Kallmeyer

    Professional, friendly, and prompt.. enjoyed my visit and my teeth feel good too!

  • Mable Jean Avatar
    Mable Jean

    I seen an ad on Facebook that Dr Parker was giving away consultants for implants. I went to my consultant and Dr. Parker and his staff are super friendly and very gentle. I've already made my next appointment.

  • Angel Christensen Avatar
    Angel Christensen

    Seriously the best dental experiance I’ve had in over 6 years! I am new to Junction, and I was scared to find a new dentist considering my last few have been awful. But let me tell you, Dr. Parker and... read more

  • Rod Dickerson Avatar
    Rod Dickerson

    My Mothers and my experience with Monument Dental was highly Professional. All the Staff and help are very personable. Not to mention...Dr. Parker is most likely the best Dentist here in Grand Junction.

  • Teddy Aegerter Avatar
    Teddy Aegerter

    This place awesome! Dr Parker is the best!!

  • Allyson Willoughby Avatar
    Allyson Willoughby

    Trey Parker and his staff are amazing. We have had nothing but great experiences going to them for the past couple of years. I would high recommended the .

  • Noelle Arnold Avatar
    Noelle Arnold

    This man!!!! And his team!!! Are BEYOND amazing!!! He is one the the most gentle and kind human beings, let alone dentist, I have ever met and I've seen several in this town!! You will come here and not be... read more

  • David Lackie Avatar
    David Lackie

    I have been going to this Dental Office for 16 years. The staff always makes you feel at home and treats you like a member of the family. Diana is a great hygienist and very gentle. Dr. Parker is very... read more

  • leon stigen Avatar
    leon stigen

    Well, what can I say?!!! Dr. Parker is just the coolest dentist anyone could ever ask for. He has a great sense of humor, treats all of his patients with the greatest respect, and he is genuinely interested in all... read more

  • Noah Sandoval Avatar
    Noah Sandoval

    Very Friendly staff makes you feel comfortable and right at home. I will definitely recommend Monumental Dental to everyone i know.

  • Matt Morgan Avatar
    Matt Morgan

    Dr. Parker and staff are excellent! They are very friendly, attentive and do a great job. They care about you not just your teeth and are willing to make the treatment fit your needs. I have had... read more

  • Chelsea Stapleton Avatar
    Chelsea Stapleton

    Absolutely love this place and the staff and the treatment is so amazing and they are best and work with u and don't rush u into anything they make sure it's what u want done... Thank u Dr. And staff

  • Derek Mortensen Avatar
    Derek Mortensen

    Monumental Dental knows you by name. Their staff is friendly and professional. Dr. Parker wants to please everyone. He has a great personality and is fun to talk to. My kids love going here. I suggest him for all your... read more

  • Rupesh Panta Avatar
    Rupesh Panta

    Monumental Dental is great. I had lots of issues like inflammation of gums, swelling and bleeding. I had even trouble to brush my teeth. Then I choose to go to monumental Dental. The staffs were were welcoming and friendly. Dental... read more

  • Don Bellgardt Avatar
    Don Bellgardt

    They are very friendly and always take great pride in their work. They explain every thing so you can understand.

  • Theresa Saoirse Avatar
    Theresa Saoirse

    I was not a patient of Dr Parkers, yet he was willing to fix my broken tooth that day and work with me. No other would. He has a kind and giving soul. Thank you so much. I am very... read more

  • Robihynn Roberts Avatar
    Robihynn Roberts

    I LOVE this man and his whole team! They are all friendly, reassuring and caring. I'm one of those "dentist haters" from childhood but not with Dr. Parker. He has such finesse...particularly with the dreaded numbing tool...that he is... read more

  • George Knight Avatar
    George Knight

    I enjoyed the very friendly and professional attention. I had a tooth problem that popped up unexpectedly and I was taken and cared for the same day. I very much appreciated the kind care

  • susan mullenix Avatar
    susan mullenix

    I called Monday morning due to sever pain in one tooth, Robin was kind enough to get me in first thing to see Dr. Parker. He was fabulous!! Unfortunately, I needed a root canal and he worked me... read more

  • Allison Caraveo Avatar
    Allison Caraveo

    Genuinely the nicest dentist I’ve ever had. I have extreme anxiety, and he and his team made me feel much better throughout the process. Will definitely go back

  • Andrea Kint Avatar
    Andrea Kint

    Robin at the front desk, Tanya the dental assistant and Dr. Parker all gave me exceptional care. Went in with a bad toothache and came out feeling great after a painless root canal. Highly recommended! So friendly and caring

  • Jonah Stiebens Avatar
    Jonah Stiebens

    Incredible dentist’s office: Friendly staff and Dr. Parker puts the mind at ease. I couldn’t ask for a better place to have my teeth cleaned and procedures completed. I would gladly recommend.

  • Mackenzie Keating Avatar
    Mackenzie Keating

    If your in need of dental services I would go straight here. Trey and the assistants are personable, helpful, and genuinely seem to enjoy their work. Plus, there X-ray machine is like super high tech and the way they make... read more

  • Brennon Ancell Avatar
    Brennon Ancell

    This is the best dental office I have visited. They make you feel at home and take away any stress or anxiety you may feel about that dentist visit. I called in the morning shortly after opening with a tooth... read more

  • Conrad Phillips Avatar
    Conrad Phillips

    To anyone needing an amazing dental office,

    I love this dental office teri in the front is amazing kind and always willing to work with me the girls in back are a hoot they make your experience amazing with laughter and... read more

  • Peter Colby Avatar
    Peter Colby

    The dentist was very nice and caring. Was a big fan of the receptionist i didn’t get a very good welcome. First thing I gave my name she said oh we didn’t think you were coming.

  • Brendi Hartsock Avatar
    Brendi Hartsock

    Trey Parker is an amazing dentist. He made me feel comfortable and explained all my options and gave me a timeframe for my amazing smile!! Thank you.

  • Chiahui Liu Avatar
    Chiahui Liu

    Great doctor and great staff, very professional and caring. Thank you all for making my first dentist visit in the States a wonderful experience.

  • Paul Willard Avatar
    Paul Willard

    These guys were so amazing. They are welcoming and caring. Thanks for squeezing me in today and for making me feel like I've been a life long friend.

  • Angel Hanson Avatar
    Angel Hanson

    My visit to Dr. Parker and the ladies that work for him was one of the best visits to a dentist that I have had in a very long time. Dr. Parker really cares and wants to help. And the... read more

  • Lloyd Hunley Avatar
    Lloyd Hunley

    Friendly and efficient from Terri at the reception desk to the Dr. and the techs. They have been taking good care of my dental needs for 4 or 5 years now, very happy with Monument Dental!!!

  • Taylor Bowns Avatar
    Taylor Bowns

    Super friendly and made me feel welcome as a new client! Thanks for helping me get my pearly whites shining. Happy with their exceptional customer service.