Why Dental Care is Important For Your Health

A dentist holds up items, such as a toothbrush, which can improve your dental health.

While you might not notice it when your oral health is good, but you will definitely feel it when it starts to deteriorate. Your overall well-being will go down and you will start to lose your appetite and energy. Not only that, bad oral health can lead to a whole lot of other medical issues…

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Your Dentist Visit Checklist

Woman sits in the dentist's chair ready for her consultation

  Your Dentist Visit Checklist Preparing for a dentist visit may be a stressful activity for you, that leaves you filled with anxiety. Or it can be a task you don’t really think about, and maybe even forget. Whether either of these two options or something in between applies to you, a check list may…

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Dental Anesthesia 101

A woman is put under conscious sedation

Dental Anesthesia 101 Anaesthesia is the administration of drugs that put you in a deep state of relaxation. These drugs can be given to a patient through an injection or inhalation. Dental anaesthesia is used to put a patient at ease for a dental procedure and prevent the patient from feeling any discomfort in the…

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