A woman blows her nose as she is suffering from a sinus infection.

Is your Sinus Infection giving you a Toothache?

A woman blows her nose as she is suffering from a sinus infection.

Is your Sinus Infection giving you a Toothache?

A sinus infection, or sinusitis, is the inflammation of the lining in the nasal passages. The infection normally starts off as a common cold but develops into an acute infection in the maxillary sinuses. Symptoms of sinusitis include a headache, yellow or green mucus, fatigue, a cough, a runny nose, and a fever among others.These are all very common symptoms associated with sinus problems, this is why a toothache seems out of place.

Unfortunately, since toothache is not as synonymous with a sinus infection as mucus buildup, the nearly 28 million Americans who suffer from sinus infections, do not know what to do when a toothache is added to their list of ailments.

How does a Sinus Infection cause a Toothache?

The buildup of mucus from the infection in the maxillary sinuses, which is located above the roots of the molars, creates pressure on the dental nerve endings in teeth, resulting in a toothache.

What to do when you have a Sinus-Induced Toothache

If you re experiencing a toothache and sinus symptoms, you need to reach out to the right professional, either your doctor or a dentist. You should contact your doctor if you experienced a cold that turned into a sinus infection and caused your toothache. However, if the pain originated with the tooth, you should contact your dentist. In some cases the bacteria from a tooth infection can contribute to sinus pain and symptoms.

Getting the correct advice at the right time is vital to easing and curing the sinus and toothache symptoms. Pinpointing the root of the problem early on will make treatment easier and prevent other health complications from arising.

Besides seeking professional treatment, there are a few methods you can use at home to aid in relieving the discomfort caused by the backlog of mucus.

Five Ways to Target Sinus Pressure and Toothache

  1. Drink plenty of water as it keeps your mucus membranes hydrated and decreases mucus buildup. You don’t have to stick to plain water either. Coconut water also contains electrolytes such as magnesium, which is great at supporting your immune system while it fights off the infection.
  2. A steamy shower can be just the thing to open up your airways. If you do not have time for a steamy shower, the same advantages can be gained from drinking a hot cup of tea. Drinking peppermint tea is especially effective as both the mint and the steam help ease pain and congestion.
  3. Eat foods that contain chilies, horseradish, or anything with a definite kick. These two ingredients specifically have mucus-thinning properties for fast relief. Check with your doctor if you are unsure about using a certain spice.
  4. Sinus pain and a sinus toothache do not make it easy for a person to fall asleep. However, you can try humming different tones before you sleep, causing your nasal passages to vibrate and decrease sinus pain. The air flow created by the vibrations acts the same as water in the mucus membranes, causing mucus to drain away and pressure to subside.
  5. Sleeping with your head propped up on your pillow is a better position to rest in for the mucus to drain away. Laying flat on your pillow does not allow for any drainage and will cause continued blockages and pressure.

Although these methods may make you more comfortable during the day or while you sleep, it is still important to get medicine and treatment from a professional doctor or dentist to target and kill the infection.

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